Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My name is Brian and I am a Twitterholic...actually fiending junkie may be a better description. I can't believe I am saying this but it is true. In fact, my addiction is so bad I think I actually have withdrawals!! My mornings used to start out with the usual wake up, hit the bathroom, then a cup of coffee or six (after washing my hands, of course), check my email and hardrockhideout.com and then go on about my day. NOOOOO not anymore!!! Now it is more like wake up, RUN to my computer and see what I missed on Twitter from the night before, post my plans for the day, my playlists, tease a certain other blogger, which by the way can read here Hell On High Heels, then I go on about my day but not without updating everyone throughout the day. Last week I got online and Twitter was down and I was absolutely lost, I had no idea what to do. An unnamed friend who I talk to on a constant basis was online and the first thing we said to each other....Good Morning (No)....Hey What's Up? (No)...the very first thing we said is Can You Get On Twitter?

Of all things on the internet Twitter may be the best invention yet (Can we really call it an invention?) I can follow my favorite well known and not so well known celebrities of all types (though I have yet to find Lucy Liu on Twitter), they can follow me if they chose (which blows my mind that famous and semi-famous people actually give a damn about what I have to say), I can leave messages for friends without having to type out a whole email, and post links to my reviews and interviews.

Of course with all that is good about Twitter there has to be some bad too, like the fact that I don't speak or type in the language of txt, and I have Twitter Pornbots and other scammers and spammers trying to follow me but those problems are easy enough to live with.

Who do I have to thank for my Twitter Addiction?? Ashton Kutchner of all people before his little contest with CNN I didn't have a clue what Twitter even was. So would I be better off without Twitter? Probably Would I be having as much fun without it? That's debatable but the bottom line is TWITTER IS AWESOME!!! I'm a proud Twitter junkie as my unnamed friend said "I would rather be addicted to something like music or Twitter than to something that is going to kill me."

Oh by the way, you can follow me if you so desire @brianbasher Tweet you later Tweeples

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  1. First, welcome back to the land of posting. It's been too long, but it's good to see you back with not one, but TWO posts! Excellent.

    Second, I thought that the pornbots were the best part of twitter.

    Ryo Vie