Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warner Idiots

Universal Music is going to make tens if not hundreds of millions  of dollars from Youtube this year. So here is a question for you...how stupid can Warner Brothers really be? Because they can't come to an agreement with Youtube about royalities they force Youtube to remove all music and videos off the website of WB artists.  What they can't be happy with the millions they are already making off youtube? With all the music industry bitching and whining about how the business is going down the drain due to this and that you would think they would be happy with whatever money they could make. 

But no these greedy money hungry asses aren't. Youtube is probably the biggest promotion tool record companies have going for them these days. Not only for new acts but catalog acts as well, since MTV doesn't play actual videos anymore and VH1, MTV2 and Fuse are all following right behind them playing less and less videos. I remember back in the day when bands would spend thousands of dollars on videos and MTV wouldn't even play them and if they did the bands didn't make any money off videos getting played.

I really wish someone would slap all of record company presidents upside their fatheads until they could finally see the light because if anyone is pushing customers out the door and on to other ways of getting music it is the record companies themselves with their medival ways of doing business. Yes the internet is kicking their ass because they still haven't learned to embrace the internet for what it is and take advantage of it and it is going to keep doing the same thing until they get their collective heads out of their asses, stop bitching and whining and fix the problems they helped make with outrageous c.d. prices, shutting down internet radio stations, and everything else they have done. They bitch and moan and moan and bitch but they are the morons that keep shooting themselves in the ass, simply by not doing the right thing for their customers.

Unfortunately record companies have made a lot of money off me because no matter what I am going to support the bands that I like. But you can bet your ass that once bands figure out how to sell their music without the record companies being involved I am going to be the first in line. Because there is no business I want to see fail more than record companies, once they are out of the picture then real musicians will finally get the respect they deserve for the music they create instead of the crap we are force fed from people who wouldn't know a real musician if they walked up and kicked them in the balls.

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